Construction Progress

Update construction for Grand Himalai May 02, 2019

(above) The building view from behind (C1 and B1 from left) (above right) C1 building
(Above left) The building view from the front (above right is building C1)
(Below) building C1 view from behind and top view.
Building B1 – The lift wall has done at 4th floor. The MEP work and conduits now installed finished from 1st to 3rd floor.
Building C1 – The conduits in this building mostly already installed in the floor when they poured concrete this building doesn’t need to install the same as B1. This week the swimming pool has been poured concrete.
The upper/middle zone – the rock work in selected area now finish, it might have more additional rock work that need to be cleared in the future if it obstruct to the construction area.
The upper zone – now still clear the land and retaining wall for building E40 E41 and F01.

Update construction for Grand Himalai April 25, 2019

Building B1 – The external wall started the plastering work, the lift wall is keep going high at 3rd floor. The interior wall is finish the skim coating and now started the polishing to make it good before the paint work.

Building C1 – the interior wall now finish of installation there is some of touch up work before skim coat for next stage. The lift wall work as the same as the building B1. The swimming pool area has already concreting, next stage is to pour the concrete to the swimming pool wall.

The upper area has continued to clearing the rock and started to clear the land to build the building E40 and F1 (see the circle area below).

Update construction for Grand Himalai November 2018

Update construction for Grand Himalai October 2018

We are very pleased to announce the works for the full construction of the Grand Himalai project is underway

The construction is now ongoing and will continue until the completion of the project, For a project of this size and undertaking there are still a few issues to clear with not just the structural works and as well as Mep and architectural works which I think is understandable we are at the stage where we can continue and move into full swing as the time we spent clearing most of the issues allows us to move into full swing mode We are now having weekly meetings with contractors, engineers and consultants and pleased to announce with our fully experienced teams in which we have engaged specialists in each field in not only working on high side projects but have built and have great knowledge in building 5 star hotels world wide To move on what's been happening to the project is we engaged the contractor to start on site on the 25th September and in which they are now getting mobilized on site with getting there office site containers for the engineers and staff and getting the site organized The contractors have started clearing the upper levels of the project and the survey teams are setting out for the level for the footings with heavy machinery cutting the soil this has been hampered by the super storm we witnessed on Tuesday 2nd October due to the steepness of the site the machines can't work as the top soil gets so wet and the mud turns to sludge and the machinery can slide and cause damage and injury, but the up side is the weather after October will only improve so we can really push on and make up for lost time To also make up for time we have started to do one of the lower blocks B1 as this can be done as this does not blocks or disturb any future works We are also now planing not only works for the footings, retaining walls, broad walks, and funicular we are also planning the infrastructure and MEP works for water and electrical supply as the planning is a most crucial area to the success of the project

December 2017, Completion of Excavation, piling & footings for Grand Himalai lobby and Restaurant:

Current weather: cloud with spells of rain with sunshine

Over all weather duration of works: Majority of the time the weather has been rain and cloud last month has seen an improvement with more dry days but heavy rains in the evening

Over view

Following the clearance of the land being the removal of the trees and land fill of the soil the survey teams moved in and began the setting out for the foundations

The foundation works have been complex due to the amount of bedrock and boulder rock under the surface of the existing soil the traditional way of using friction piles could not be used as the report from the structural engineers suggested we used bore piles.
Each footing the bore piling varied due to the size of each footing depending on the footing location and load bearing capacity.

From the over all surface when the works are completed all that is visible is the steel starter bars which extend from the footing to the room slab with beams and floor slabs to each level

The works involved is all under ground which has been now except all but a few footings have been covered in soil
The remaining footings were poured on the 2nd December so now the works are complete
It is good to take note that the structural phase the footings are the most time consuming and most important of the whole structural phase of the works we cannot emphasize the importance of having the correct footings and as you can see in the photos the footings are very strong to what the building is going to be.

The next phase of works will be starting shortly with the whole project will progress into the structural phase of works which will also include the infrastructure setting and planning of works

Here is the process of how the piling and footings progressed to completion

Total piles driven 505

Total amount of footings 66

Construction Report Q3, 2017:

Construction of Grand Himalai is now well underway. The first phase of the projects is the underground piling, which supports the foundation and is in progress, with all piles being allocated beneath the surface. We have at this stage completed 150 pilings already. Show unit is now available in our Grand Himalai sales office for viewing.